[Fiction Story] The History of Dolls

When the night comes, all dolls are alive. They are dancing, singing and do all fun.
They are prohibited to harm human, except in emergency situation. They were
made to entertain human. And they love their job. That’s why they always smiling
eventhough they are tired. They love human.
The era of the dolls end in year 1485. Here’s the story.
Once upon a time there was a boy named Michael. He loved dolls. He kept all dolls
in his room. He was sure if his dolls loved him too. He talked to them everyday, and
cleaned them twice a week. One day he went to Netherland on vacation. Michael
was very sad that he had to leave his lovely dolls for a long time. But no thing he
could do, he had to go somehow. The days after Michael left, the dolls couldn’t sing
and dance. They were very sad. No one talked to them like usual. No one cleaned
them twice a week. No happiness around them.
3 months had passed. Michael came home. He missed his dolls so much. When he
entered his room, the dolls were still there. Smiling. Michael was very happy. He
hugged them one by one. And Michael’s childhood continued with dolls. Until he
grew up.
In 1482 Michael was 15 years old now. He never talked to the dolls anymore now.
He rarely cleaned them too. He was busy with his new kite. He played it everyday.
From morning until afternoon. When he entered his room he was just straight to
bed. Never talked to the dolls like what he usually did when he was a kid. While he
played his kite, the dolls were still there. Dirty, alone, untouched, forgotten, but still
smiling. 3 years later in 1485. The dolls was still forgotten. In 6th June 1485,
Michael was playing kite. Then the wind blew, brought Michael’s kite to the top of
tree. It stucked there, on the highest branch. That kite was his favorite one. He really
wanted to get it back, no matter what. He tried to climb it, branch by branch, very
carefully. Just one branch left to get the kite when he slipped. The dolls saw it. They
really wanted to save him. But according to dolls law, they must not be seen. But they
loved him so much. They insisted and broke the law. They jumped over the window
and landed on the ground right under Michael. So Michael didn’t hit the ground, he
landed on the soft dolls. He saved. But his friend, John saw the dolls jumped. The
dolls were now cursed. They couldn’t smile anymore now. They couldn’t move
anymore. They couldn’t sing and dance anymore. That night Michael tried to
thanked them. He tried to talk to them. He cleaned them. But there was something
odd with them. Then Michael realized that the dolls he used to play with had gone
now. The body was still there but the soul had gone. The tears flowed from his eyes. He
realized that he had forgotten the most important thing of his life. Eventhough he
cried so loud, the soul of the dolls wouldn’t come back. He felt so lonely. Then he
realized that he never felt that way before because of the dolls. They were always
there for Michael. They were always there Whether he cared or not. He regretted it,
but nothing he could do. Deep inside his heart he learnt that true love is something
very strong. It will keep it safe eventhough have to brake the law and sacrifice itself.

The End

“Love what you have now, a simple thing can make you laugh and cry”


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