I Miss You

Dear my teddy bear,


Do you know how many nights I’ve been through? Do you how many tears have been fallen? Do you know how do I exactly feel weak without you?

Right now I’m writing this letter in a bench where we usually had lunch together. Where we usually shared laughter together. I can clearly remember those times, boy. I know I’m the luckiest girl on earth. When you said “I Love You” I could hardly believe that it was real.

Boy, I miss your touch, I miss your kiss, I miss your hug, I miss your smile. I miss you! I really can’t stand this anymore! This love has been growing too big. All I can see is your face. All I can think is your words. All I can feel is your touch… When the night comes I always hope you’ll be in bed, waiting for me. but I always be the one who sleep alone with tears. And when the sun comes up I always wish you’ll be by my side. But again, I find nothing.

Sweetheart I really wanna be in your arms right now. Feeling your touch, your lips, your soul.. it is aching to realize that you’re so far away.

Come home honey, this heart can’t stand any longer without you…

Your Pumpkin


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